From Vine to Vintage. Award Winning Contract Wine Services

We guarantee to help you get the best results possible from your grapes by working with you at every stage of the process

At Vivid Wines we provide high quality professional contract winemaking services for small to medium-sized companies, allowing them to focus on growing exceptional fruit and concentrate on building their own brand. Our services offer peace of mind that your grapes will be taken care of by an experienced and professional winemaker.

Our contract winemaking services encompass everything from regular visits to our clients vineyards and pre-harvest analysis, through to the winemaking process and ready to market bottled wine.

Vivid Wines combines expertise in viticulture and enology delivering hand-crafted premium still and sparkling wines. We understand how precious your grapes are and concentrate our skills and passion on a minimalist approach to maintain and enhance the typicity of your fruit.

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Pre-Vintage consultations on wine styles

Vineyard visits
Fruit sample analysis
Fruit reception and weighing

All fruit intake will be recorded with digital image, temperature and conditions. A docket will be created to accompany the product through all winemaking steps until it leaves the premises in its final stage.

Grape Processing:

Immediate processing of each batch
Lab analysis of must
Whole bunch pressing or de-stemming
Cold maceration if required
Additions post de-stemmer include enzymes and SO2
Pressing to various fractions as requested


Use of temperature controlled winery tanks
Cold settling and racking
Yeast inoculation
Twice daily monitoring and graphing of fermentation
Addition of DAP and Vitamin to secure healthy fermentation
Barrel fermentation and lees stirring
Pump-overs and Cap-management
Malolactic fermentation and tests
Acidity adjustment
Cold and heat stabilisation
Fining trials and fining
Barrel ageing and inherent barrel works
Full pre-bottling analysis

Sparkling Wine:

Bottling of white, rosé or red still wine for second fermentation
Corking and Wirehooding